Canada Immigration Visa – Express Entry

Canada Immigration Visa – Express Entry. Canada continues to welcome an annual average of more than 250,000 immigrants from all over the world. The government of Canada is dedicated to economic growth, which is why they are recruiting more workers and new immigrants. Find out if you qualify and if your occupation is in demand with our easy Assessment.

Candidates eligible to immigrate to Canada under a federal economic immigration program may enter the Express Entry pool. Consequently, the first step to be taken should be to determine your eligibility for one of these programs.

By completing the free Canada Visa assessment form, you will be able to determine whether or not you are eligible to enter the Express Entry pool. Our team will review your completed form and quickly let you know whether or not you may be eligible.

Canada has become the BEST place for new immigrants to succeed socially, and economically, and to live longer with excellent, national healthcare! Canada ranks among the “top wealthiest and top quality-of-life” countries in the world, according to OECD Better Life Index.

Complete an online Express Entry profile

Candidates for Canadian permanent residence who are eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online profile. They provide information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other personal information.

Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the aforementioned federal economic immigration programs are placed in a pool of candidates who are ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System. If a candidate does not already have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination, he or she may register with Canada’s Job Bank. As of June 6, 2017, registration in Canada’s Job Bank is no longer mandatory. However, registering in the Job Bank may improve a candidate’s visibility to Canadian employers.

Improve your profile and ranking

Candidates in the Express Entry pool are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System, which ranks candidates under the following components:

  • core human capital factors;
  • accompanying spouse or common-law partner factors, if applicable;
  • skill transferability factors; and
  • factors relating to a provincial nomination, qualifying offer of arranged employment, Canadian study experience, a sibling in Canada, and/or French language ability.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an electronic management application system for immigration to Canada.It is not an immigration program. Rather, it facilitates the selection and processing of Canada’s economic immigration programs:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Class (formerly the Federal Skilled Worker Program),
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Class (formerly the Federal Skilled Trades Program),
  • the Canadian Experience Class, and
  • a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Applicants make an “expression of interest” (EOI) in immigrating to Canada and, if they are eligible for at least one of the aforementioned programs, they then enter the Express Entry pool. The federal government and provincial governments, as well as Canadian employers, are then able to select candidates from this pool who will then receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for immigration to Canada under one of the programs. Express Entry moves Canada from a first come, first served (or supply-driven) system to an invitation to apply (or demand-driven) system. Modelled on similar systems in use in Australia and New Zealand, Express Entry aims to fast track the processing of skilled immigrants deemed most likely to succeed in Canada.

Determine if you are  Eligible for a  Canada Immigration Visa – Express Entry

Every Applicant is eligible to apply it doesn’t matter which country you from or religion, tribes , age, student is also provide full opportunity to apply, All the countries.

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There are currently more than 80 programs available for immigration to Canada. For that reason, everyone’s path to Canadian immigration will be unique.